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With the current astronomical Ethereum fees for interacting with contracts such as approving, staking, withdrawing dividends, and re-investing those dividends makes trading on decentralized platforms such as Uniswap extremely difficult. is a distinctive yield generation protocol that provides incentives for simply holding the token and disincentivizes selling. A DeFi protocol that circumvents the high gas fees but still allows the benefits of receiving yield gains. This is done by utilizing a 0.5% fee to each buy and a descending sell penalty on sells which decreases the longer you hold.

No staking, no extra steps needed.

Buying fees split to INERTIA holders

INERTIA works by applying…

The DeFi Prophets Launch Pad is proud to announce our newest project — 2BASED.

2BASED is a rebasing token similar to RMPL featuring strategic elements to it providing a whole new game theory crypto experience.

Instead of the traditional rebasing function being called on a timer or during a random time during the day, the function is called by a user pressing a button on the website every 22 minutes, and it will only rebase when the price is above $2 or below $1.

22:22 — Press to rebase!

2BASED is ready to rebase every 22 minutes and 22 seconds (22:22). There is a countdown…

NOTICE: Our website is under attack for the 3rd time in as many days, our devops team is currently migrating to a specialist DDOS protective host.

DeFi Prophets Labs is proud to announce its first innovative DeFi project launch, RBASE. RBASE leverage’s RFI’s 1% fee on buy and sell orders distribution mechanism which provides holders with tokens as a yield based on their market share and combines it with rebasing mechanics from BASE. The price will fluctuate and be pegged to the cryto defi market via a rebase every 24 hours.

RFI + Base = RBASE:

Anyone who has been following the DeFi space the…

Hi Everyone,

Over the coming days we will be modifying the marketing and communications channels to align with our marketing activities, to improve our ability to communicate with everyone and to better centralize everything that’s coming going forward.

The RMPL main chat will remain as is.

The RMPL announcements will be Defi Prophets announcements.

The RMPL Twitter will change to DeFi Prophets twitter.

The Current DeFi Prophets channel will change to DeFi Prophets Labs.

We will also centralize all content out of our current Medium account.

All of our core projects like RMPL and RapidTrade will have their own TG…

Hello everyone,

We recently became aware of an unimpressive article circulating by a FUD coordinator operating under the guise of Anti Scammer Ron. The article, written nearly unintelligibly, claims that “The team is making shittonnes of $$$ from this arbitrage bot”. Though we have addressed these claims directly in our telegram channel, we believe it is worth posting here for visibility, and as an opportunity for those interested to learn more about blockchain and Etherscan.

The evidences provided in the article in question are as follows:

— — — — — — — — — — — — — —…

Hi everyone,

So, communication about our RMPL & RCORE plans, what else we’re doing to build out the ecosystem to leverage and grow RMPL has been difficult because of the constant new contacts, partners, and options that have been opening to us.

Every 2–3 days our options have improved one way or another, our plans have been constantly changing to a better path, with better opportunities for everyone. So even up until the last 48 hours the plans have been evolving. …

The first use case outside of crypto for any rebasing token. Book flights, holidays, hotels, villas, tours from, Expedia, Agoda and more through Binance backed Travala using your RMPL.

Imagine being able to travel the world and having your air travel, lodging, and soon car rental expenses paid in RMPL. Doing so will circumvent several potential issues such as having to worry about exchanging fiat money to the new local currency for your travel purchases and even reducing potential language barriers dealing with travel agents and other middlemen for travel.

When RMPL was created one of the major goals…

Team Update

We want to apologize for our delays in communication. We understand our delayed responses from the development and administrator team has been unacceptable, we have been working nonstop to understand the problems, troubleshoot, brainstorm and innovate new ways to correct the launch and reward RCORE & RMPL holders.

We have not been ignoring your feedback and have internalized everything brought to us. To be frank, we didn’t want to give a bullshit response. We believe in delivering results, and wanted to present a concrete strategy for moving forward that would make our long term holders happy, and have been focusing…

RCORE is a deflationary cryptocurrency with a supply cap designed to be self-sustaining and self-rewarding based on positive price pressure from token burning and triangular arbitrage between RMPL-ETH-RCORE pairs.

RCORE is being launched by the team behind RMPL & DeFi Prophets, view the FAQ below for more information about the team.

RCORE is built with the goal to sustain its APY for stakers and to reach continuously higher token prices. …

RMPL lists on it’s first CEX — Bithumb Global

RMPL fans — the moment you’ve all been waiting for has arrived…


Bithumb Global has completed its integration of RMPL’s unique random rebase function and has now added RMPL to its new set of defi offerings.

This means RMPL is now ready for trading on the exchange, and you’ll receive extra tokens in your Bithumb Global account after every positive rebase, guaranteed to occur within 24 hours on average and no longer than 48 hours after the last rebase.



Randomized elastic supply token redesigned to solve market manipulation

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