The DeFi Prophets Launch Pad is proud to announce our newest project — 2BASED.

2BASED is a rebasing token similar to RMPL featuring strategic elements to it providing a whole new game theory crypto experience.

Instead of the traditional rebasing function being called on a timer or during a random time during the day, the function is called by a user pressing a button on the website every 22 minutes, and it will only rebase when the price is above $2 or below $1.

22:22 — Press to rebase!

2BASED is ready to rebase every 22 minutes and 22 seconds (22:22). There is a countdown timer on the website to show how long until the next rebase can be executed. When the countdown is complete, any holder of 2BASED (of at least 0.01% of total supply) can initiate the rebase by pressing the button on the website!

When the price is above $2 there is a 2% positive rebase, when it is below $1 there is a -2% negative rebase, when the price is between $1 and $2, there is no rebase!

Beat the base jackpot

If 2BASED can complete 10 consecutive positive rebases starting at above $2, that are all at a higher price than the rebase before it, the jackpot will be won by everyone holding 2BASED tokens!

Once the jackpot has been won, holders can claim the prize (50% of the Beat the Base fund). You need to be holding at the time the rewards can be claimed, so don’t sell early!

If there is a negative rebase or a rebase that is a lower price than the last one, the jackpot ladder will reset, and we need to start building up the ladder again. Once the jackpot has been won the same thing happens, the ladder will reset, and we start again.

At launch, we have allocated 22.22% of the overall token supply to the beat the base jackpot!

Additionally, every $2BASED sale incurs a 2% fee that goes back to refilling the jackpot wallet.

You can visit the website any time to see the jackpot value and what the current ladder count is at right now.

On the website you will also see what the last rebase price was and what the next price needs to be to keep going up the ladder.

For 2BASED visiting the website consistently is crucial. The website will:

  • Update the jackpot value in real time
  • Showcase how many minutes until the next rebate can be triggered
  • Display whether the rebate would be either positive or negative
  • Present what the current ladder count is at.

Remember, it’s not just a positive rebase, it needs to be more than the last rebase price. For example, a rebase at $2.10, then $2.15 then $2.30 will keep us climbing up the ladder, however if the next rebase is $2.20 the ladder will reset back to the bottom rung, and we will need to start climbing again.

All the while the jackpot value will keep increasing until it’s won!

Also, team, dev and eco wallets are excluded from any jackpots.

An original and brand-new concept to DeFi

The 2BASED rebase system is an innovative upgrade within the rebase niche market. This concept has never been done before.

DeFi Prophets always strives for innovation and improvement, and this is no different, this new project has been brought to our Launch Pad which we are proud to assist in the launch and security of.

Jackpot replenishment & governance

At launch, we will be starting with a 2% fee on all sales that goes directly to replenishing the Beat the Base Jackpot wallet. We will introduce governance to then vote on the jackpot fees going forward.

There will be several governance features that people can vote on, as well as suggesting your own ideas, we will also open voting for locking the contract to prevent future updates, and more. The Contract will be verified and will remain upgradable to fix any potential issues, for future governance updates, and general improvements.

Airdrop — Claim it!

Top 222 $RMPL holders including holders of $RMPL LP tokens in $RCORE will be eligible to claim the airdrop.

The airdrop claim snapshot will be at time of public presale and the claim will be open from 24 hrs after Uniswap launch.


DeFi Prophets is excited to announce that the pre-sale for $2BASED will be on Monday, December 21st, 11AM UTC TIME.

  • Private sale cap = 400 ETH
  • Public sale cap = 100 ETH
  • 0.5 ETH Min Per Wallet
  • 2 ETH Max Per Wallet
  • Presale Price: $0.95
  • Listing Price: $1

How To Participate in Pre-sale:

DeFi Prophets wants to always be rewarding loyal RMPL holders and have determined a solution to do so.

For access to the initial OTC sale users must hold at least 500 RMPL which will allow them to submit their RMPL telegram handle and wallet address for early access to the whitelist before the public.

Because of high demand the hard cap of 500 ETH should be filled fairly quickly. Any ETH sent over 2 ETH or without a telegram username attached to it will be refunded.

Once the RMPL holders finish the OTC process if any allocation is available it will be open to the public on a first come, first served basis.


  • Initial total supply: ~1,100,000
  • Team: 4.22%
  • Dev: 7.22%
  • Ecosystem: 7.22%
  • Airdrop via claim: RMPL top 222 holders 2.22%
  • Beat the Base Jackpot: 22.22%
  • Uniswap: 22.22% (Will be locked on Unicrypt upon deployment of contract)
  • Presale: 34.68%

DeFi Prophets: A history of successful launches

With the exit scams and failed launches of many recent DeFi projects, the DeFi Prophets takes pride in having a rich history of successful launches.

This project is no different, 2BASED has been brought to us to launch just like any of our other projects, so we can ensure there is no exit scams, and it’s been taken care of like the rest of our community projects.

RMPL launched to the top of uniswap projects with $8,000,000 in volume within the first 24 hours.

RCORE also had a strong launch with $6,000,000 in trading volume within the first hour of deployment. While RCORE did not go exactly as planned as a token of good faith our team allowed LP refunds for the ETH pair and are soon unlocking the RMPL pair as well, a sign of good faith that DeFi Prophets will protect its investors as best as can be done.

RBASE was another successful launch, with over $18,000,000 on the first day alone, the volume and price was so impressive that the first rebase was a whopping 940%!

Smart Contract Audit

To instil faith in the security and safety of 2BASED it will be audited by Roger recently completed the audits for Zin.Finance & Hurricane.Finance which can be viewed here and here.

Uniswap & Dextools




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