Channel reorganization and launch of DeFi Prophets Labs

Hi Everyone,

Over the coming days we will be modifying the marketing and communications channels to align with our marketing activities, to improve our ability to communicate with everyone and to better centralize everything that’s coming going forward.

The RMPL main chat will remain as is.

The RMPL announcements will be Defi Prophets announcements.

The RMPL Twitter will change to DeFi Prophets twitter.

The Current DeFi Prophets channel will change to DeFi Prophets Labs.

We will also centralize all content out of our current Medium account.

All of our core projects like RMPL and RapidTrade will have their own TG channels to ensure the conversations are on topic, but all of our experimental DeFi projects, such as RCORE and future experimental projects will share a single DeFi Prophets Labs channel.

Reorganization and labs

The ability for RMPL & RCORE to grow, bring in new buyers and holders is all about having an ecosystem that utilizes the token itself. This is important, not just marketing or an exchange, but actual use cases, payment methods, exclusive access and rewards for having RMPL & RCORE and using it in an ecosystem project is key to RMPL & RCORE growth.

As we are pushing more into ecosystem development right now, we need an ability to separate core longer term projects from higher risk experimental projects.

Under our Labs banner, we will be launching and experimenting with different DeFi types of projects. These projects will be new concepts that we work on to integrate with our core projects and provide airdrops of tokens to RMPL & RCORE holders. We have a few concepts we are excited about that we have been working on over the past few months, two that are immediately ready and a few more in development, launching these will be all about timing.

Although these projects are experimental, as a team we are focused on trying to ensure safety and create projects that people are not fearing will be “rug pulls”. We are looking to create trust and deliver the best way we can.

We want to create a space where projects can be launched with a level of trust in place. These will be projects we develop to fit our ecosystem targets or projects we have partnered with that we have a level of control over to ensure trust to our community.

DeFi Prophets team

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