DeFi Prophets Labs Presents RBASE

NOTICE: Our website is under attack for the 3rd time in as many days, our devops team is currently migrating to a specialist DDOS protective host.

DeFi Prophets Labs is proud to announce its first innovative DeFi project launch, RBASE. RBASE leverage’s RFI’s 1% fee on buy and sell orders distribution mechanism which provides holders with tokens as a yield based on their market share and combines it with rebasing mechanics from BASE. The price will fluctuate and be pegged to the cryto defi market via a rebase every 24 hours.

RFI + Base = RBASE:

Anyone who has been following the DeFi space the last few weeks can imagine how creating a superior fusion of these two projects could rapidly exceed their marketcap. RBASE uses a redistribution of 1% on every buy and sell order to RBASE holders simultaneously after each transaction. For RBASE holders no gas is needed to claim your extra tokens, they will be updated 100% by the smart contract.

The rebasing mechanism of RBASE is pegged to the total defi marketcap of a ratio of 1 to 1,000,000,000,000. With compounding rebases you can imagine the potential of what can happen in a bullish crypto market.

Using the current defi market cap, if the current price of the token is at

  • $1 — after two rebases the holder will be up ~12x

These are the predicted numbers after only just two days of positive rebases. One can imagine two weeks would look like?

OTC Pre-Sale Information:

DeFi Prophets is excited to announce that the pre-sale for $RBASE will be on Thursday, December 10th, 2020.

  • Hard-Cap is 600 Eth

How To Participate in Pre-sale:

DeFi Prophets wants to always be rewarding loyal RMPL holders and have determined a solution to do so. For the initial OTC sale users can submit their RMPL telegram handle and wallet address for early access to the whitelist before the general public. Because of high demand the hard cap of 600 ETH should be filled fairly quickly. Any ETH sent over 3 ETH or without a telegram username attached to it will be refunded.

Once the RMPL holders finish the OTC process if any allocation is available it will be open to the public on a first come first served basis.

RMPL Airdrop Info:

Top 300 $RMPL holders including holders of $RMPL LP tokens in $RCORE will be airdropped.

Two airdrop distributions of $RBASE will happen for $RMPL holders, the first one over 24 hours after launch and the second being 48 hours after launch.

Snapshot $RMPL holders:
First snapshot Thursday 10th December 1PM UTC time
Second snapshot Friday 11th December 1PM UTC time
Third snapshot Saturday 12th December 1PM UTC time

Hold $RMPL through snapshots to receive the $RBASE airdrop.


  • Initial total supply: 1,750,000

$RBASE: A Community Token

RBASE will be a community token governed by its holders. There will be several governance features such as the ability to vote on the fee percentage on every transaction, locking the contract to prevent future updates, and more. The Contract will be verified and will remain upgradable to fix any potential issues, for future governance updates, and general improvements.

When Rebase?

The rebase will happen every day at the same time. Please check out our website or telegram channel to find out “when rebase?”

DeFi Prophets: A History of Successful Launches

With the exit scams and failed launches of many recent DeFi projects, the DeFi Prophets takes pride in having a rich history of successful launches. RMPL launched to the top of uniswap projects with $8,000,000 in volume within the first 24 hours.

RCORE also had a strong launch with $6,000,000 in trading volume within the first hour of deployment. While RCORE did not go exactly as planned as a token of good faith our team allowed LP refunds for the ETH pair and are soon unlocking the RMPL pair as well, a sign of good faith that DeFi Prophets will protect its investors as best as can be done.

We have also learned an incredible amount of knowledge when it comes to Uniswap launches and will be putting in strong anti-bot measurements to prevent front running and to make sure our launch of RBASE goes as smooth as possible.

Smart Contract Audit

To instil faith in the security and safety of RBASE it will be audited by Roger recently completed the audits for Zin.Finance & Hurricane.Finance which can be viewed here and here

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