INERTIA — The longer you hold the more you earn.

With the current astronomical Ethereum fees for interacting with contracts such as approving, staking, withdrawing dividends, and re-investing those dividends makes trading on decentralized platforms such as Uniswap extremely difficult. is a distinctive yield generation protocol that provides incentives for simply holding the token and disincentivizes selling. A DeFi protocol that circumvents the high gas fees but still allows the benefits of receiving yield gains. This is done by utilizing a 0.5% fee to each buy and a descending sell penalty on sells which decreases the longer you hold.

No staking, no extra steps needed.

Buying fees split to INERTIA holders

INERTIA works by applying a 0.5% fee to each buy transaction and a descending fee on each sell transaction. The fee is immediately split among INERTIA holders and sent to their wallet. No interacting with staking contracts required. The balance of INERTIA will increase from transactions generated by the smart contract.

Descending Sell Penalty To Penalize Early Sellers

Not only is there a fee on each buy order but also on every sell order. The iron hand holders are rewarded by simply holding their INERTIA tokens and are penalized when selling during our descending sell penalty period. In addition to receiving more tokens generated by the smart contract, the longer they hold the lower the burn rate is when they decide to sell.

The Descending Sell Penalty Works as Follows

  • ️If you sell under 15 minutes from buying — 29% Fee

The sell fee timer is reset after each buy.


  • Dev fund — 5%

To qualify for the free claims, you need to hold a minimum of 1,000 RMPL, or 1,000 ESTAKE or be a top 150 2BASED holder to qualify for one of the free claims. Of course if you hold all 3 you will get all 3 free claims.

Free claims will be available within 24 hrs after Uniswap launch.

There is a 120 ETH pre-sale allocation that is used for liquidity that will be released 30% 1 hr after Uniswap launch then 10% every hour. 100 ETH of the pre-sale is allocated for marketing and influencers and 20 ETH is public pre-sale.

How To Participate in public pre-sale:

Pre-sale is capped at 0.5 ETH per person. Any ETH sent over 0.5 ETH or without a telegram username attached to it will be refunded.

The public hard cap is 20 ETH. Because of high demand the hard cap of 20 ETH should be filled fairly quickly.

For access to the initial OTC sale users must hold at least 500 RMPL.

If you hold 500 RMPL you will be able to submit your RMPL telegram handle and wallet address for early access to the whitelist.

The form to fill out, to be on the white list will be announced in the RMPL, DeFi Prophets Announcements channels.

You must continue to hold your tokens until after you have received all of your INERTIA tokens.

Whitelist and launch dates and

Whitelist will be 9th January 11 am UTC time.

Countdown timer:

Launch will be 9th January 2pm UTC time.

Countdown timer:

DeFi Prophets: A history of successful launches

With the exit scams and failed launches of many recent DeFi projects, we, DeFi Prophets, take pride in having a rich history of successful launches.

RMPL launched to the top of uniswap projects with $8,000,000 in volume within the first 24 hours.

RCORE also had a strong launch with $6,000,000 in trading volume within the first hour of deployment. While RCORE did not go exactly as planned as a token of good faith our team allowed LP refunds for the ETH pair and are soon unlocking the RMPL pair as well, a sign of good faith that DeFi Prophets will protect its investors as best as can be done.

RBASE was another successful launch, with over $18,000,000 on the first day alone, the volume and price was so impressive that the first rebase was a whopping 940%!

Security & Safety

Uniswap has had a run of exit scams and soft rugs over the last few months. INERTIA will not have any mint functions commands or large wallets to drive the price down and limit any chances of vulnerabilities.

Contract audit

Our smart contract is currently being audited by Roger Blackstone of A full report will be published on upon completion of the audit.



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