Introducing RCORE by DeFi Prophets

RCORE is a deflationary cryptocurrency with a supply cap designed to be self-sustaining and self-rewarding based on positive price pressure from token burning and triangular arbitrage between RMPL-ETH-RCORE pairs.

RCORE is being launched by the team behind RMPL & DeFi Prophets, view the FAQ below for more information about the team.

RCORE is built with the goal to sustain its APY for stakers and to reach continuously higher token prices. Unlike other farming methods where farms are constantly minting coins, which dilutes the overall value over time, RCORE has a fixed maximum supply which decreases on every transaction via token burning.

Additionally, in other farms the APY will reduce to 0% when there is no trading, RCORE however is designed with triangular arbitrage opportunities to create trading pressure — by creating these trading opportunities arbitrage traders and arbitrage bots will be constantly buying and selling driving a higher and sustainable APY.

⚡️ Fees and rewards for transferring RCORE

If you are buying RCORE using ETH or RMPL on Uniswap there is a 0.84% fee, otherwise all other trades are 2.1%.

Buying RCORE on Uniswap using ETH or RMPL 0.84% fee breakdown

  • 0.4% is farmed by users who stake the liquidity tokens
  • 0.4% of the transfer amount is burned — decreasing the supply continuously with every single transfer and trade
  • 0.04% is added to the dev fund

All other trading 2.1% fee breakdown

  • 1% is farmed by users who stake the liquidity tokens
  • 1% of the transfer amount is burned — decreasing the supply continuously with every single transfer and trade
  • 0.1% is added to the dev fund

This means that those holding tokens are able to farm without infinite inflation and without worrying about the APY dropping to 0% because of a lack of trading.

💎 Initial Distribution — Liquidity Generation Event with RMPL.

RCORE will be launching with a fair Liquidity Generation Event with two staking options — ETH and RMPL. You will be able to send ETH or RMPL to the RCORE smart contract through our website, contributed ETH or RMPL will be matched with RCORE and added to the Uniswap Liquidity pool. In exchange, the user will receive Liquidity Pool Tokens which can be staked for a share of the RCORE token allocation.

Once liquidity is added, it cannot be removed from the RCORE Uniswap Liquidity pools. We also removed emergency withdraw function from the original CORE contract, liquidity is locked forever.

The RCORE token distribution to stakers will be split equally between the ETH and RMPL pools. Rather than staking RCORE/ETH LP tokens, users will be able to stake RCORE/RMPL LP tokens for a share of the total rewards. With imbalances being created this opens up a triangular arbitrage opportunity.

✈️ RMPL holder airdrops…

10% of the initial distribution will be airdropped as a reward to our RMPL holders. To qualify, you must hold at least 0.02% of the RMPL supply (which equals approximately 1,125 RMPL as of right now) at the time of the airdrop. The higher the percentage share of your RMPL holdings is, the higher your airdrop amount will be. Development, Ecosystem and non-distributed team wallets are excluded.

The airdrop is distributed over 10 days at 1% daily. Only wallets not selling a single RMPL will receive every airdrop. There will be 11 snapshots over the duration to track everything. You can buy more RMPL during that time to increase your airdrop amount. This procedure is done to avoid RCORE selling pressure from the airdrop.

🔥 Deflationary Tokenomics

RCORE will launch with 10,000 tokens. There is no opportunity to create, mine or mint any new tokens. However, on every trade 0.4% to 1% of the transaction will be burned to push the overall token value continuously higher.

  • 10,000 total tokens
  • 9,000 distributed during LGE — 50% to ETH stakers and 50% to RMPL stakers
  • 1,000 airdropped to RMPL holders over 10 days at 1% daily

👩‍💻 Summary and Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will I be able to buy $RCORE?
Tuesday, October 13th 15:00 UTC launch of LGE — Uniswap listing is 24 hours later on Wednesday, October 14th 15:00 UTC

Q: What is the LGE max cap for ETH?
LGE max cap is 1,500 ETH. We capped the maximum amount unlike similar protocols, to help drive the price of RCORE after launch.

Q: What is the LGE max cap for RMPL?
There is no max cap for RMPL added.

Q: Is there any limit on how much of the LGE I can buy?
For ETH, yes — wallet maximum of 50ETH. For RMPL, there is no limit.

Q: What is the total distribution amount?
10,000 $RCORE total. 9,000 will be sold on the liquidity event with 1,000 being airdropped to $RMPL holders at 1% a day for 10 days.

Supply is decreasing by 0.4% to 1% (lower fees for buying on Uniswap) of the transferred amount on every trade or movement.

Q: What is the max. supply?
The supply will start at 10,000 and not grow larger. With the burn, the supply will contract which will force the value of each token higher over time.

Q: Airdrop for $RMPL holders?
Yes! Any wallets holding more than 0.02% of the whole RMPL supply will be included in the airdrop. The more you are holding the more % of the airdrop you will receive. 10% of the whole supply is distributed at 1% per day for 10 days.

Only holders that do not move a single coin during the 10 days will receive the whole airdrop amount — buying is allowed and will increase your airdrop amount.

For example, if you are 3 days in to getting your airdrop and you sell any RMPL, you won’t receive the next 7 days of airdrops. Conversly if on day 5 you buy RMPL for the first time, you will get the next 5 days of airdrops.

Q: How much is team share, seed investors, etc.?
There is NO team share or anything like it! 90% of the whole supply is fairly distributed during the LGE and 10% is airdropped to $RMPL holders at 1%/day for 10 days.

Q: Who is behind this project
DeFi Prophets — the creators of RMPL have launched this experiment in finance. RMPL was launched in early August this year, selling out in just 1 hour and doing over 8M volume through Uniswap during its launch. This put it right at #2 on Uniswap in volume on day 1 and going to $35M market cap in less than 7 days.

Q: Liquidity is locked, but for how long?
Forever! Literally forever, we cannot access it. There is no multisig wallets, there is no code in the contract at all allowing anyone to touch it, ever.

Q: Contract address?
Etherscan link here: 0x691ACE5e56507C008d836c8c58ed93546bDc81fF

Q: The original CORE had an emergency liquidity withdrawal option in the contract, do you?
No! We have removed that suspicious emergency withdraw function from the contract, liquidity is locked forever, seriously.

Q: Will I be able to trade my RCORE/ETH LP tokens like a regular token?
Yes! Of course. It is a standard ERC-20 token, tradeable on Balancer.

Q: What pairs will be available?
RCORE-RMPL, RCORE-ETH pairs will be available…

🙏Stay in touch with RCORE, DeFi Prophets and RMPL:

RCORE telegram:
RCORE twitter:
RCORE website: (Currently locked until Tuesday)

DeFi Prophets website:
DeFi Prophets telegram:

RMPL website:
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Randomized elastic supply token redesigned to solve market manipulation

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